Paddle Sports Repairs
Repair Cost and Pricing

Due to the varying nature of some repairs and materials used, it is difficult to establish fixed pricing for many repairs so the hourly rate plus materials applies.

Hourly rate $30.00/hr. (materials extra) - minimum charge $15.00
note: Most paddle repairs can be completed within two hours total labor (materials cost added above labour)

Quotes can often be done on the river or via quality pictures sent electronically.

Shipping charges/insurance (if applicable) will be the responsibility of the owner. As a paddler and often out on the lakes and rivers, arrangements can often be made to avoid shipping charges.


Neck: $54.00

Latex Booties: $58.00 / pair

Wrist: $34.00 / pair


Cleaning, zipper care and protection: $20.00

Pinholes: $5.00 each

Large holes and tears: hourly rate applies

Pressure check: $20.00
*Pressure checks are required for all dry suits/top repairs for warranty purposes.


Cleaning: $20.00

Small holes: $5.00

Large holes: hourly rate applies

Before and After Images:
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