Paddle Sports Repairs


Q. When should I get my gear/boat repaired?
A: Generally the best time is in the off season, so arrange for repairs at the end of the paddling season to avoid along wait time during. The shop is the busiest March through to July, and is shutdown the first weekend of August for six weeks.

Q. I tried, or someone tried, to fix my gear and it did work out. Can you fix it now?
A. Don’t be surprised if the answer is”not anymore” or “maybe," depending what has been done and what it is, so no promises.

Q. Is duct (duck) tape a good solution for anything?
A. No. If you need to do a field-repair onr your gear using duct tape, remove it as soon as possible, as well as the adhesive residue.

Q. Will composite /fiberglass/carbon repairs be as strong and heavier than original?
A. Repairs are typically as strong or stronger than original layup. Weight gain is minimal or undetectable.

A. If I want to try to fix my own gear what should I use?
Q. Simply the right material for the job. Stay away from duct tape, Gorilla glue or tape, Marine Goop, silicone, putting in larger screws, crazy glue, polyester resin, G Flex. Kevlar for repairs.

Q. Is there anything I should do before bringing in my gear/boats?
A. Yes:
(1) Wet apparel should be dry.
(2) Remove all tapes and tape residue.
(3) Supply your name Address and contacts and particular an email address.

Q. What product lines do you retail?
A. The only item PSR retails is Minicell Foam and repair services.

Gaskets and drysuits

Q. Can you put Gortex booties on my suit?
A. It's possible elsewhere, but PSR does not and will not do it. It's very labour-intensive (read expensive) and very difficult to get the seams sealed.

Q. How long does it take to replace a gasket on my drysuit/dry top?
A. Typically three days are required to replace a gasket due to cure time of the adhesive but turnaround time is dependent on the shop workload, so keep in mind the spring season is very busy.

Q. Should I cut my neck gasket down if they are to tight?
A. Most gaskets on paddle sports apparel use a gasket that have a tunnel that is parallel with a wide contact area. If the gasket is tight and you cut it down the contact area is reduced and it may feel as tight or tighter. You should have a larger gasket installed as they are available in four sizes.

Q. How long should my gaskets last?
A. Two to seven years, and the range is dependent on the use of bug spray, sunscreen, general care and amount of use, as well as oils in your own skin.

Q. Can you replace the zipper in my suit?
A. Yes some suits generally the simpler suits without the skirt tunnel over lay on them. zippers are expensive and eh simple install woulb be approx $250.

Q.Can you install a pee-zipper?
A. Yes but a zipper is expensive and cost is not really proportional to the length of the zipper.

Boats (canoes/kayaks)

Q. Gel coat – I have spider cracks and/or chips in my gel coat should I get it repaired/
A. Gel coat on canoes and kayaks is there purely for esthetics (colour and smooth finish). Larger fiberglass powerboats that might sit in the water most of their life, the gel coat resists osmosis. Canoe and Kayak spend a very small percentage of their life in the water. For this reason, osmosis is not concern for canoes and kayaks.

Q. Do you work on inflatables?
A. Yes, most.

Q. My plastic boat as a crack in it, can it be fixed?
A. Most plastics can be weld or glued back together using the proper technique and materials.

Q. My plastic boat has a hole worn through in the stern what can do about it?
A. It likely can be welded and stop dragging your boat.

Q. Do you stock parts for my canoe/kayak?
A. PSr does not stock parts for for any boats other than some common hardware. There are just way to many canoes and kayaks out there to even begin to stock parts.

Trailer Rentals

Q. How do I reserve a trailer?
A. Send an email with your needs (dates and number of canoe/kayaks/sups) and PSR will let you know availability.Trailer reservations are held with credit card. Plan early for July and August as they are the busiest rental months.

Q. If I reserve a trailer, when can I pick it up?
A. PSR allows early pick/late drop off (.ie. the night before/next morning) at no charge, provided it is available and not impacting another reservation.


Q. Can you repair a paddle shaft or blade?
A.Yes, almost all.

Q. Can you make my paddle a breakdown?
A. To make a paddle a break down the shaft must be round for approximately 12 inches. Most paddles today are oval at the grips and allow only for one joint if the shaft does not have a joint in the middle and most bent shafts do.


Q. How should I ship my gear?
A. Dry, and with your name, address and contact information PLUS a note describing what you would like done.

Q.Should my gear be dry before I send it?
A. If shipping your gear ,yes it should be dry as it may not be opened immediately upon arrival and mold can soon develop. If dropping it off wet, gear will usually be accepted.

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