Types of Repairs


  • Drysuits: leaks, stitching, pressure checks, protection and cleaning
  • Drysuit/Top: gasket replacement, latex booties (replacing ankle gaskets)
  • Wetsuits: holes, stitching, cleaning
  • Drysuit zipper replacement
  • Airbags: leaks and valve repairs
  • Drybags: buckles, straps, holes and tears
  • Police and Fire water-rescue suits


  • flatwater and whitewater // canoes and kayaks
  • wood, kevlar, carbonfibre, fibreglass, Royalex, Royalite, plastic, aluminum
  • plastic welding (LPDE)
  • canoe/C1 bulkhead outfitting
  • canoe skid plates (PSR lay-up is more durable than traditional Kevlar felt)   
  • Twintex® hull repairs
  • inflatables


  • wood, fiberglass, carbonfibre
  • paddle erosion tips (drastically reduces blade tip loss due to erosion)
  • reindexing of K1 blades (offset)
  • blade restoration (restores damaged or eroded blade with erosion tips)
  • blade profile changes
  • blade offset changes
  • breakdown paddle conversions

Also available

  • Minicell foam - for general outfitting
  • do it yourself Minicell foam blanks available for C1 and open boat outfitting.

See pricing page. Some items are a fixed price while others are charged on an hourly rate plus materials.

Before and After Images:
Canoe Restoration || Paddle Repairs || Canoe Hull Weld || Bulkhead Outfitting